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The Force of Kindness: Change Your Life with Love & Compassion (Enhanced Edition)

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    The Force of Kindness: Change Your Life with Love & Compassion (Enhanced Edition) l ISBN: 1591799201 | 2012 | English | EPUB | 96 pages | 34 MB

    Streamline your experience-practice while you read, without ever leaving the page!

    Enhanced eBook features:

    Audio files conveniently embedded within the book

    Distill the great spiritual teachings from around the world down to their most basic principles, and one thread emerges to unite them all: kindness. In The Force of Kindness, Sharon Salzberg, one of the nation's most respected Buddhist authors and meditation teachers, offers practical instruction on how we can cultivate this essential trait within ourselves.

    Through her stories, teachings, and guided meditations, Sharon Salzberg takes readers on an exploration of what kindness truly means and the simple steps to realize its effects immediately. She reveals that kindness is not the sweet, naive sentiment that many of us assume it is, but rather an immensely powerful force that can transform individual lives and ripple out, changing and improving relationships, the environment, our communities, and ultimately the world. Readers will learn specific techniques for cultivating forgiveness; turning compassion into action; practicing speech that is truthful, helpful, and loving; and much more.

    When we fan even the smallest ember of kindness, according to Sharon Salzberg, we begin to overcome our own fears, doubts, and personal attachments-and tap an endless source of gentle strength that is always available to us. With her graceful writing and six guided meditations, this beloved meditation master empowers readers to enhance The Force of Kindness in their own spiritual practice.



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