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Microsoft Office Professional 2003 SP3 (2018.05)

Discussion in 'PC-Software' started by BaDshaH, May 16, 2018.

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    Language : English/Russian | File Size : 383,57 Mb | 427,57 Mb

    A classic suite of office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, Outlook. Ideal for slabenkih machines, and even in 2018, it is quite self-sufficient to be cheerful. Before you build with fresh updates and additional features, through which you can install Office 2003 quickly and immediately in the desired configuration. Cherry on the cake is an extension of Office Tab, which will add tabs to office applications, so you can switch between documents like in a browser.

    General information:

    Type: installation
    Language: only Russian / only English
    Treatment: conducted (serial number)
    Optional: Office Tab 9.81 - switch between files using tabs (as in the browser)
    Acknowledgment: serg16 @ nnmclub and apavs @ oszone are used

    Assembly is packaged in the SFX archive with minimal compression and can be opened by the WinRAR archiver for making changes, which will be discussed further.
    Several prebuilt silent installation templates have been added to the assembly, as well as the ability to customize the hidden and visible installations to their requirements. This is done using the Office 2003 Resource Kit (ORK) utility, which can be installed from the Utilities folder or by using the "Set ORK.cmd" command file
    By default, the Default.mst template from the Settings folder is applied to the visible and silent settings. If desired, you can change it with the above utility.
    Additional templates are also located in the Settings folder and can be applied to a silent installation by specifying the /MST="sample_name.mst parameter. "The
    video instruction for installing ORK, creating a template and embedding it in an assembly can be viewed on YouTube:
    Command line parameters:

    Quiet installation of all components:
    Install.exe / S / MST="Default.mst "

    Quiet installation of all components and Office Tab:
    Install.exe / S / MST="Default.mst" / TAB

    Silent installation of Excel-Word :
    Install.exe / S / MST="Excel_Word.mst "

    Silent installation of Excel-PowerPoint-Word:
    Install.exe / S / MST="Excel_PowerPoint_Word.mst "

    Quiet installation of Access-Excel-Word:
    Install.exe / S / MST="Access_Excel_Word.mst"

    Quiet installation of Access-Excel-PowerPoint-Publisher-Word:
    Install.exe / S /MST="Access_Excel_PowerPoint_Publisher_Word.mst "

    Setting ORK:
    Install.exe / S / ORK

    Update office established:
    Install.exe / S / UPD

    Similarly instead Default.mst can specify its template name, previously placed in the Settings folder
    is important register and quotes, especially if the name contains spaces (try to do without them)

    Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 SP1 32-bit Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Windows 8.1 32-bit Windows 8.1 64-bit Windows 10 32-bit Windows 10 64-bit


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