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Megatech MegaCAD Suite 2018

Discussion in 'PC-Software' started by BaDshaH, Jun 10, 2018.

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    Megatech MegaCAD Suite 2018 | 11.0 Gb

    Megatech Software GmbH., Is pleased to announce the availability of MegaCAD 2018. We remain faithful to the new year and have taken into account market developments, customer wishes and future forecasts in order to equip and expand MegaCAD 2018 with numerous useful and practice-oriented functions.

    Innovations in MegaCAD 2018:

    The new version MegaCAD 2018 has been revised in many details. In this version a lot of changes and extensions have been made. Further work has been invested in improving the surface and thus the possible interactive way of working. These techniques have further enhanced the operation of MegaCAD.

    One focus of the development was realized with the renewed extension of the parts lists. Bills of materials now also include images and hyperlinks. Also in the display of MegaCAD files under Windows, we have integrated new extensions that make finding MegaCAD drawings easier. Windows Explorer will now display additional MegaCAD files and other graphical file formats that can be loaded by MegaCAD, along with their content.

    MegaCAD 2018 is the first entry into user administration that gives individual employees rights to projects and files. This new administration is the entry into a complex multiuser editing of a file! We will significantly expand this technology in the next few versions in order to offer our users an introduction to the digital management of their drawings and documents.

    In the 3D area of MegaCAD 2018, the operation has been extended considerably via drag & drop.

    A recent development branch is the creation of edits in MegaCAD. In the first step, it is now possible to save edits and insert them into existing 3d objects.

    Just from practice for practice. Megatech developers are guided by their day-to-day work in design and they are constantly reinventing functions that are useful to you in your daily work. Well over 100 improvements are another sign of the ongoing development of MegaCAD.

    About MegaCAD. Since the beginning, Megatech Software GmbH has consistently pursued one goal: to make CAD design as easy as possible. The result is high-quality products for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on powerful yet easy-to-use CAD software solutions. That's why, with all of our programs, users get exceptionally well-structured menus, extremely flexible features, and pinpoint tools to design. This will give you better results faster and ensure a clear competitive advantage. In the center of the offer: MegaCAD, the professional 3D / 2D special software for the free construction without restrictions. The program combines the benefits of parametric, history-based modeling with the ease of use of a direct,

    About Megatech Software GmbH. Founded in Berlin in 1985, Megatech Software GmbH is today one of the most experienced CAD / CAM software companies. Over 50 specialized software engineers and qualified consulting and service personnel make us a high-performance provider of technical software in Germany and Europe. We provide our knowledge to the customer and support him with comprehensive advice, telephone hotline, German-speaking forum, training and personal project support.

    Product: Megatech MegaCAD
    Version: Suite 2018
    Supported architectures: 32bit / 64bit
    Homepage of the website:
    Language: german
    System Requirements: PC
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10
    Size: 11.0 Gb

    Megatech MegaCAD 3D 2018_x64
    Megatech MegaCAD 3D 2018_x86
    Megatech MegaCAD Lt 2018 x64
    Megatech MegaCAD Lt 2018 x86
    Megatech MegaCAD Engineering 2018_x64
    Megatech MegaCAD Engineering 2018_x86
    Megatech MegaCAD Metal 3D 2018_x64
    Megatech MegaCAD Metal 3D 2018_x86
    Megatech MegaCAD Professional Plus 2018_x64
    Megatech MegaCAD Professional Plus 2018_x86
    Megatech MegaCAD Unfold SF 2018 x64
    Megatech MegaCAD Unfold SF 2018 x86


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