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Application Guidelines & Conditions

Discussion in 'Applications' started by STARK, Jul 30, 2017.

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    Apr 26, 2017
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    Those who are intended to apply for the position in this forum, please follow the guidelines as stated below.

    The minimum requirements to get a position:
    • Joined since a month
    • Must have 100 threads at least
    • Your behaviour towards senior staff and other members should good.
    • You should not have any active warnings.
    Application Guidelines:
    • Your Introduction: Tell us about yourself (not asking about your private life but like hobbies, your study, your talent etc)
    • Likes Received
    • Your threads: Total no. of threads. Which type of threads you are posting. Make it Brief.
    • Why do you think you deserve this rank? Most Important question, answer it seriously.
    • What you gonna do if you got the position you desired.
    • Additional info you wanna add.
    NOTE: Please Apply seriously. You are not allowed to apply consecutively. There must be minimum gap of 10 days after rejected application.
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